Run funnel queries on top of your data

Integrate your data source and use our behavioral analytics engine
in order to run funnel queries

One click integration with the databases you use

Connecting a new service is as simple as typing your credentials and referencing them as schemas in your SQL queries.

  • Android
  • Web

Easy integration

We have an integrated visualization platform that allows you to run funnel queries easily.
Additionally, we support all platforms that has support for Prestodb

Your company's data engineer

Rakam can do most of boring ETL works for you and provides you a simple API and connector for running complex queries and ETL operations. All we need to do is to know SQL, we take care the rest.

SaaS or on-premise option

You can use enginesql as SaaS solution as well as on-premise solution in your AWS account or dedicated hardware for privacy-first and big deployments.

Join Beta

Rakam is free in beta. When you drop your e-mail address, we will reach and share a unique link just for you. We promise that your e-mail will only be stored safely in our database.

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